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Charlottetown has about 120 taxis, operated by five different companies. This is a high ratio of taxis to population, about 2.8 taxis/1000 population. Comparable figures in other Canadian cities, where public transportation exists, are lower, though here there is a lack of alternative transportation for the 40% of city residents who do not drive. Taxi fares in Charlottetown are comparable with those in other cities, perhaps as a result a desire to minimize need for alternatives.

When you call for a cab, the dispatchers will want to know where you are going - though they will usually not take your name, so be ready to meet the cab upon arrival. You may have to wait 15-20 minutes for a cab to arrive,especially if you are leaving from UPEI.

Most Charlottetown cabs have no meters. Instead, all of the city's taxi companies have a standard fare structure - as of January 2001, this was roughly as follows:

Taxi Taxi (PEI's first metered company), based in Stratford (across the river from Charlottetown) provides competitively priced metered taxis. Meters start at $2.50, plus $1.10 per km and time like in any other big city).

Oh, yes, and if your driver was courteous and helpful, it is the custom to tip him (or her)! Tips on tipping.

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