Charlottetown Transportation: Public Transit

The Charlottetown Transit system (operated by Trius Tours) runs Monday to Saturday from 6:45 am to 7:00 pm. Trius Tours operates city transit within Charlottetown. For more information on bus schedules, contact: 902-566-9962.

Trius serves the Greater Charlottetown Area, including Stratford and Cornwall.




Ticket Booklet10 TICKETS FOR $20.00

Monthly Pass

Adult $65.00 

Student  $45.00 

Senior    $45.00                                                                    


Route Schedules

See also the info on the Summer Beach Shuttles

Walking Around
The downtown core of Charlottetown is compact, pleasant, and safe for walking at any time of day or night, although two notes of caution are in order: while violence is rare, things can get a little ... boisterous on Friday and Saturday nights after the bars close; also, Charlottetown drivers have a reputation for being somewhat inattentive, so care should be exercised at pedestrian crossings.

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