Charlottetown Transportation: Getting to PEI

PEI used to be isolated from the mainland, adccessible only by two fery routes. While this added to the charm of Island living, it also added to the cost of getting people and freight to and from the Island. Not to mention the impact of storms or winter ice-up conditions. This all changed in 1997 when the 12.9 km (8 mile) Confderation Bridge was completed, giving the Island 24 hour 365 dfaya year access to & from the mainland.

The Confederation Bridge offers you the fastest auto trip to the Island. The Bridge joins Borden-Carleton, PEI and Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick and is the longest bridge over ice covered waters in the world. The 2 lane bridge takes 12 minutes to cross at the usual 80 km speed limit. There is also a free shuttle service for people travelling on foot or by bicycle. The Bridge is privately financed, built, maintained,and operated by Strait Crossing Ltd.

Borden-Carleton is roughly 60 km from Charlottetown, typically a 45-60 minute drive along the /Transportation-Canada Highway (Route 1). The total drive time from Halifax to Charlottetown, via the Bridge, is about 3.5 - 4 hours. From elsewhere, calculate your drive time to the NS/NB border plus another 90 minutes to reach Charlottetown.

A round trip Bridge toll is paid on exiting Prince Edward Island. This is the Toll Rate Schedule, Confederation Bridge, Updated January 1, 2000:



Recreation Vehicle






Tractor Trailer






Services available on the Bridge include video surveillance, emergency call boxes, fire extinguishers, emergency alarms and emergency response. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods and special loads are required to report to the Bridge Control Centre to receive crossing information.

Here are the distances and driving times for out-of province cities
Distance from Charlottetown


Distance from Summerside


in Kilometers

in Miles

Driving Time

in Kilometers

in Miles

Driving Time


598 km

374 miles

7.5 hrs.

571 km

357 miles

7.1 hrs.


999 km

624 miles

12.5 hrs.

972 km

608 miles

12.2 hrs.


227 km

142 miles

2.8 hrs.

288 km

180 miles

3.6 hrs.


1199 km

749 miles

15.0 hrs.

1172 km

733 miles

14.7 hrs.

New York City

1353 km

846 miles

16.9 hrs.

1326 km

829 miles

16.6 hrs.


1389 km

868 miles

17.4 hrs.

1362 km

851 miles

17.0 hrs.


1738 km

1086 miles

21.7 hrs.

1711 km

1069 miles

21.4 hrs.

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