Charlottetown West Royalty-Winsloe: Charlottetown Neighbourhoods

Charlottetown began as a "planned" community in 1764 when it was founded and first surveyed by Captain Samuel Johannes Holland. This area in the city's west side, is centered on University Rd, named for begin the location of the UPEI campus, and covers the broad area nestled between Mount Edward Rd and the North (Yorke) River. Between Mount Edward and University is a swath of institutional land, including the Experimental Farm, close to town, and further way the University of PEI and Holland College , and then Charlottetown Mall, the Island's largest. The area to the west of University Rd is primarily residential. This area has ready access to the airport, the Trans-Canada #1 to the Confederation Bridge, as well as to Highway #7 to PEI National park, and #2 to Summerside and he Islands west end.


The part of Charlottetown is home to the Colonel Gray High School, Charlottetown Rural High School, and has post-secondary institutions including UPEI and Holland College, and offers two libraries, downtown and at UPEI.
This neighbourhood is alongside the North River waterfront


This part of town is readily accessible to downtown, as well as shopping at University Plaza/Spring Park Plaza, and around Charlottetown Mall. The Charlottetown Mall is the largest shopping centre in Prince Edward Island, and along with Canadian Tire, Sobey's and Wal-Mart, is a significant commercial area.

Playground in Victoria Park


This area has three large parks (Queen Elizabeth, Field Park, and Victoria Park), much rural green space, and of course views of the pretty North River & Ellen Creek waterways. There are swimming pools at Field Park and Victoria Park, and a running track at Victoria Park, a curling club, and Simmons Arena. The Experimental Farm not only provides agricultural research, but the property includes the "Ravenwood" historical house as well as the Royal Forest and the Lily Pond. The Confederation Trail, part of the Trans-Canada Trail which was built on former railway right of ways, winds outward from the Experimental Farm, creating a great venue for walking, hiking, and biking A number of waterfront recreation activities are accessible nearby in the downtown


This area includes a number of older, historical homes and structures.

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