Charlottetown Town of Stratford: Charlottetown Neighbourhoods

Stratford offers great views of Charlottetown's waterfront

This community is across the Hillsborough River from Charlottetown, and readily accessible via the Hillsborough Bridge. The area is largely rural, with residential developments clustered along the Hillsborough waterfront and along major arteries. The town's municipal hall is at Bunbury Park north-east of the bridge. There is a business park about a miles east of the river, at the intersection of highways 1 and 1A.


Due to the rural nature of the area, students at all levels have a commute to their schools and libraries.


The area is not heavily developed for retail as downtown Charlottetown is so accessible.


The community has several beaches (west-facing Langley and south-facing Keppoch) , a golf course, an umber of developed parks, and undeveloped green space. Tea Hill is also home to the Eddie May Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.


The homes in this area are single family dwellings on a wise variety of lot sizes.

Community Map